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A Luxurious, elegant car with space and power for loads. In effect, two cars in one - a luxury saloon and a practical load carrier. Used as a saloon, the Singer Vogue Estate Car has luxurious seating for five. In a moment, you can adapt the car for carrying loads, And you still enjoy brilliant performance from the powerful Vogue engine.

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Proved 1,725 c.c. engine:Power for high performances, Power for loads.
The Singer Vogue Estate Car is powered by the 1,725 c.c. o.h.v. engine, tested and proved for reliability, efficiency and economy.
Of advanced 'square' design, and developing 91 b.h.p., this high-precision engine incorporates a 5-bearing crankshaft for smooth, quite running. It gives powerful performance throughout the speed range, with great power and torque in all gears. Its silken operation, vivid acceleration and brilliant performance will delight the most exacting motorist.

Special features:

Borg-Warner fully-automatic transmission or Laycock-de-normanville overdrive
on top and third gears. Available as an extra.

For safety: powerful front disk brakes and self-adjusting rear drum brakes, efficient suspension that gives smooth, stabilized ride, childproof door-locks, padded facia rolls, twin reverse lights, built-in seat belt anchorages and strong unitary construction. All greasing points are eliminated, routine servicing is only every 6,000 miles.

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A sturdy load carrier. Above, we illustrate the Vogue Estate Car waiting to carry both passengers and loads. Note the easy access from sides and rear.
The front compartment is that of a saloon, with generous seating for two. The rear compartment is converted to a load carrier, with clear loading space for 700lb. of bulky goods. The conversion is effected quite easily by folding forward the rear seat.
The loading platform is covered with attractive and durable plastic, with an integral foam underlay. The lower tailgate is spring-assisted for ease of operation, it can be left open for carrying lengthy articles.

A 5-seater saloon. By returning the rear seat to its normal position, you transform the carrier to a spacious 5-seater saloon. The rear compartment now has room for 400lb. of luggage - ample for all family needs.
The spare wheel is stowed in its own under-floor housing, independent of the luggage compartment, and easily accessible. The petrol filler is in the left-hand rear wing, still accessible when the tailgate is lowered.

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Comfort and luxury to Saloon standards. Apart from the smart and serviceable rubber floor-covering, you have the same appointments and high quality finish of saloon travel. The same close-fitting front seats luxuriously comfortable and fully adjustable. They can even be set to a reclining position, for complete relaxation. The rear seating is also figure-contoured for ease.
The stylish facia is in walnut veneer. It carries a full range of easy-to-read instruments and dimmable warning lights. An efficient heating and ventilation system is standard
For driving ease, you have: a dished-type steering wheel, a 4-speed all-synchromesh gearbox and sports-type gear lever, a self-adjusting diaphragm clutch (which needs only light pedal pressure), a conveniently placed handbrake and a flashing indicator switch that emodieas a head-lamp flasher control.

Specification of the Singer Vogue estate car

Engine: Four-cylinder five-bearing crankshaft unit and aluminium cylinder head with push rod operated overhead valves.

Ignition: Coil and distributer; Automatic centrifugal advance and retard mechanism, vacuum control. Champion N9Y sparking plugs.

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Cooling system: Centrifugal pump and fan, thermostatic control. Coolant pressure fed to cylinder head with selective cooling of valve seats, stems and sparking plug bosses.

Clutch: 7 1/2 in. Borg and Beck diaphragm spring plate, Hydraulically operated by pendant pedal.

Gearbox: Four forward speeds and one reverse with control ring synchromesh on all forward gears. Centre-floor gear change lever.

Rear axle: Hypoid semi-floating axle shafts to the rear wheels. Ratio: 4.22 : 1.
Overall ratios: Top 4.22 : 1, Third 5.877 : 1, Second 9.038 : 1, First 14.138 : 1,
Reverse 15.07 : 1.

Unitary construction: Chassis and body forming a single structure of immense strength and rigidity.

Front suspension: Fully independent front wheel suspension by means of swinging links, coil springs and ball joint swivel bearings, controlled by double-acting hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Use of nylon insert ball joints eliminates need for periodic greasing. A torsion bar sway eliminator is fitted between the suspension lower links.

Rear suspension: Long, wide semi-elliptic leaf springs give improved lateral stability. Double acting hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers maintain control under all conditions.

Wheels: Five pressed steel wheels with ventilation slots and wide base rims. Four are embellished with polished nave plates and wheel trim discs. Spare wheel is housed in a cradle below the luggage compartment floor.

Tyres: Tubeless 6.50 x 13 in.

Brakes: Lockheed disc brakes at front of 10.3 in. diameter and drum brakes of 9 in. diameter at rear. The handbrake, at the side of the drivers seat, operates through a system of cables and the linkage is independent of the footbrake.

Steering: Recirculating ball type. Three-piece symmetrical track rod linkage. 16 in. diameter steering wheel with chromium-plated horn ring.

Petrol tank: 10 gallon capacity positioned below luggage compartment floor. Quick release filler on left hand rear-wing.

Instruments: Speedometer including mileage and trip recorder, thermometer, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, ammeter and warning lights for headlamp main beam, ignition and flashing indicators.

Standard equipment: Heater with two-speed fan, ventilation equipment, screen washers, two speed screen wipers, two interior sun visors, twin reverse lamps, headlamp flasher, wheel finishers, overriders and fully reclining front seats, 35 amp alternator.

Weights (Approx.):
  • Unladen (with petrol and water). 2,488 lb.
  • Dry (without petrol and water). 2,393 lb.

Colour Schemes:

  • Silver Grey Metallic.
    with Red upholstery.

  • Royal Blue Metallic.
    with Grey upholstery.

  • Burnt Almond Metallic.
    with Fawn upholstery.
  • Silver Moss Metallic.
    with Green upholstery.

  • Holly Green.
    with Green upholstery.
The first named colour is the predominant colour, the second is the roof.
  • Silver Moss Metallic/Black.
    with Green upholstery.

  • Royal Blue Metallic/Dawn Mist.
    with Grey upholstery.
  • Holly Green/Willow Green.
    with Green upholstery.

Optional extras: The following extras are available ex-factory at extra cost and can only be specified at the time of placing the order:

Special accessories: (Available at extra cost). A very full and attractive range of accessories is available, including Smith's Radiomobile, clock, etc. Full details can be obtained from your Dealer.


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